Here are details about some projects in which I was involved.

  • 2012/ Complex Systems Sciences. Based on the bibliographic records of around 200.000 papers dealing with complex systems, we built topical maps based on references used by the articles. We explored  the nature of the communities emerging from our analysis, their relationships and their evolution. Are complex systems trully interdisciplinary? Is there a universal law shared by all disciplines? Read more
  • 2012/ Emergence of social structure. How can we explain the existence of lasting entities (institutions) from non lasting agents? In collaboration with sociologists from Science Po Medialab, we worked on models describing the emergence and dynamics of social structure. Read more
  • 2011/ Research at ENS LYON. “Draw me your institution”. We created several maps describing the research performed at the ENS Lyon, based on bibliographic data. Read more
  • 2009/ Segregation models. In collaboration with an economist, we proposed a general  analytical formulation of Schelling’s segraration model, extending physicists’ concept of free energy to account for individual dynamics. Read more