About me

I am researcher / data analyst, with a background in physics. After a PhD in physics at ENS Lyon, working within its complex systems institute – aka IXXI – and Post-Docs at INRIA Lyon and MIT Senseable City Lab, I am currently working as a freelance research consultant.

My interests lie in the understanding and modeling of socio-economic systems, social dynamics and mobility, and social networks from a statistical physics viewpoint. I’m involved in projects focusing on human behavior and interactions in cities (as analyzed through mobile phone or transaction data) or social networks (as analysed through Twitter, Facebook, etc. content). The main focus of my current work is detection, analysis and visualisation of scientific research pattern through the analysis of bibliographic data, cf the BiblioTools section of this website.

Latest News

November 2014

The ManyCities web app we developed at MIT in collaboration with Ericsson has been released! The project is described on a dedicated page of the MIT Senseable City Lab, and on a blog post by our partners at Ericsson. It has also been featured in The Atlantic.


Selected publications

  • PhD Thesis: Exploring Social Phenomena with Complex Systems Tools. [pdf]
  • S Grauwin, G Beslon, E Fleury, S Franceschelli, C Robardet, JB Rouquier, P Jensen, Complex systems science: dreams of universality, reality of interdisciplinarity. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, ASIS&T (2012). [paper online]
  • S Grauwin, F Goffette-Nagot, P Jensen, Dynamic models of residential segregation: an analytical solution. J. Pub. Econ. 96, 124-141 (Feb 2012). [paper online]
  • S Grauwin, E Bertin, R Lemoy, P Jensen, Competition between collective and individual dynamics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 20622-20626 (Dec 2009). [paper online]

Contact informations

  • Email: seb.grauwin[at]gmail.com