2011/ Research at ENS Lyon

I have opened a blog to share ongoing work dealing with representations of bibliometric informations (“maps of science”). I specifically use the ∼ 7500 articles with an “ENS Lyon” adress gathered from Web of Science. Your comments are welcome!

Scientometric Map of the ENS Lyon. This heterogeneous network shows the authors, keywords, references and institutions displayed by at least 10 of the ~ 8500 articles in the database we extracted from the  Web of Science. Two nodes are closer to each other (and have a stronger link) if they are often used in the same articles. Inset : the global map shows the overall structure in distinct “clusters” corresponding to the different teams of the ENS labs. Detail : zoom on the central part. Notice in particular the specificity of the “Joliot Curie” biophysics lab, linking a team of physicists to a team of biologists.

We have created several maps presenting different kinds of scientific community we identified inside the ENS de Lyon (communities of articles sharing references, communities of co-authors, communities of keywords co-occurring in the same publications, … ). These maps are displayed inside the ENS buildings to spark off some comments from the researchers. For more details on this research, refer to the following:

Scientometrics 2011.


  • Pablo Jensen (IXXI, ENS Lyon)